Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walking In a Fairytale Book

Hope everyone is having a great week!  It feels like it's been a crazy couple of months and now all of a sudden ....Bammmm we're back to school again!

I wanted to share with you a really fun photo shoot with an incredibly beautiful young lady.  This little lady was soooo ready for any idea I had and she had the clothes to match!  I had some ideas and went to her house to see what great outfits we could pull together.  Along with rummaging through her wardrobe, I also got to play around with her hair to see what would work best.  I was in "girl heaven"....glittery, tulle, ribbons, flowers...gaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Before the big day......I went to the store to pick up some Babies Breath to make a crown for one of the outfits. I didn't have any florist tape so I used the next best line!  It's transparent, thin and easy to work with...perfect.  Miss thing's mom picked up the balloons we had talked about and the helium tank...she was going to be busy during this sitting around for her. LOL  

Here are my picks from this shoot!

 We added the big, black flower and layered it with that hot pink belt.  I was loving it!

This picture gets me every time.  I added the silver sparkly ribbon to her dress and to her hair to break up all the red.  The red ribbon in her hair was actually one long piece which I just pinned in different loops and lengths.  I then pinned the red flower and the little black flower onto the ribbon in her hair.  Prior to all of that....I made two little braids on the side of her head and had them swoop to the back...and pinned. (The braids were actually supposed to go with the white dress and flowers but oh all worked out.)

I have to say, that red just "popped" in the forest.  It was aaaaammmmaaaazing!  It really just took my breath away.  We even had a passing hiker take a picture because it was that surreal.

This is the outfit I had wanted to pull all her hair to the side and have two loose braids swooping down the side.  It would all then be pulled into a low bun covered in flowers. I did this at her house but for whatever reason it escaped me at the shoot. lol 
I wanted the flowers to be very big and over the top....if I could've found more flowers to add, I would've! lol

I wanted this Babies Breath crown to be big and full and I made it when she wasn't with I was just guesstimating...luckily it fit.


This has to be my most favorite shot.  She looks like she's in a fairytale book.

It was hard picking my favorites but I did it. :P 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sharing my most recent God moments!

As a lot of you know, my Nana had been in her last days, dying of Breast Cancer.  What we thought was going to be days.... turned into weeks (7 weeks to be exact).  My family stayed by her bedside, wanting to make sure she would never be alone.  We wanted to do everything we could to ease her pain and make sure she knew she wasn't doing this alone. 

After she had started to make a come back (totally throwing Hospice and everyone else), we all got back to our normal routines with our own families.  I had to get my son ready to go off to college and the thought of that was taking up a lot of my emotional strength.  We got him all settled, said our goodbyes and headed home.  
With one big moment down, I had almost forgotten another big moment was lingering overhead.  I got a call at the end of last week that my Nana was doing poorly again.  

The last time I saw her, she actually looked like her "old" self.  I couldn't believe how much she had changed and how great she looked, considering.  I knew she was still dying but the physical change was amazing.  I thought maybe she had many more months left in her.  So I went to go visit her with that picture of what she had looked like in my mind.  

As I entered the room, I quickly realized we were back.... to July.  She was asleep and had not been up all day.  They did not think she would wake.  She looked so sick and so NOT my Nana.   My heart sank as I sat in the room and realized she might not wake up at all.  I was so upset thinking I didn't get another chance to say goodbye.  I sat there for hours and finally decided it was time for me to go home.   I announced out loud that I was going home to my family.  

At that very moment I heard "Leelee! My Leelee!".  I turned and ran over to her in disbelief.  My brother and sister in law both looked shocked and came over as well.  I grabbed her hand and she said "Oh Leelee come give me a kiss."  I did exactly that.  I was so happy, so excited and so very grateful to have the chance to speak to see her eyes looking back at me, knowingly and for her to say my name like she has all her life.
She did not have much strength and she didn't speak very loudly after that but she was her funny self.  I stayed until she fell asleep again.  My brother looked at me and said "That was for you...that was amazing".

She was still with us Sunday and Monday and finally Tuesday. She was not following any "normal" rules.  She already surpassed all the nurse's/Hospice predictions.  They were long silent days. They were hard days, knowing she was in pain, but we knew it was ten times harder for her.  We were there to hold her ease her pain and to walk with her, through this.

 Tuesday afternoon a fever spiked to 106.5!  We knew it would be hours so we all stayed.  Around 7:30 pm we noticed a change in her breathing.  We decided to all lay our hands on her and say the Lord's Prayer.  As we finished and we all opened our eyes...we stood there.  
We were in disbelief because within a minute, she took her last breath.  "Was this really happening?" We all looked at each other and just said........."Wow".  What an amazing moment that God gave us.  Between crying, we all kept saying..... "that was amazing".  
Praise Be To God!   

If that wasn't amazing enough.....the same EXACT thing happened when her son, my Uncle passed away years ago..

I believe that when God gives us moments like these, it is our responsibility to share those "God" moments with others.   It is our responsibility to let his light shine and to glorify him.

God is good all the time....and all the time God is good!

Let His Light Shine!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

People Magazine Fashion

Hey guys!  So recently I submitted a picture from a fashion photo shoot to People Magazine.  It was approved and published on their website  If the picture gets enough likes than it could be featured and well....I would be over the moon with that!
So if you would...please go check it out and like it....if you like it.  Wink Wink. :)

Here's the link and thank you! 

Please like this picture! My photo of the fashion shoot of Anna was approved and published on People Magazine website. in the stylish outfit segment. If it gets enough likes it could also be featured!!

P.S.  I have some other fantastic, exciting news to share with you soon too!  
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Craziest Shoot by far!!!!

Happy Monday!  Yes it's the start to another week.  I'm counting down the days as we head closer and closer to the day we send off our oldest to college.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  As you guys know, I've been busy with family stuff but mixed in between all of that I've been able to schedule some fun photo shoots.  I got the chance to take pictures of a beautiful young lady who is pursuing a modeling career.  If I'm honest, I have to admit that I love taking pictures for modeling!  

As I'm doing all of these pictures and photo shoots I'm really getting an idea of what I like to shoot and the kind of "style" photographer I want to be.  I can honestly say that so far I'm really drawn to Portraiture, Fashion and Editorial Style Photography. I'm sure as I continue on this journey my "style" will continue to who knows.

Here is the portfolio shoot we did the other day.  The day was filled with some big surprises!  We had to dodge poo mines....had a run in with a Copperhead Snake........had to dive and roll to get away from a charging, bucking horse that did not like us....and had to avoid an electric fence while getting away from that mad horse! ( It was a total Mission Impossible move!)  Let's just say it was an eventful and memory filled shoot!  

Here's what we got!!

I had to avoid large poo mines during this part of the shoot....and they were huuuge! I think I need some tall washable rainboots.

The snake was over there by the barn...notice we moved. LOL

This is about the time the horses came into the picture.  The mad one came running around that lake like nobodies business!  Here I thought he was coming to be with us for attention but rather he was kicking us out of there! LOL

There's the mad one in the front. Aaaaaahhhhhh!  Notice I'm on the ground looking up from the other side of the electric fence to take this picture?  My heart was pounding and we were laughing but boy was it scary!  Yet, I still found time to take this pic of him. LOL

This was after the horse incident...we had jumped under the electric fence and rolled onto the ground....and there I saw a great shot. LOL...always looking for "the" shot. LOL.

 I think she did great and I'm pretty sure she'll have a great future ahead of her!  Hopefully she won't have to deal with as many obstacles as we did on this day!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Behind the scenes of this Photo Shoot.

Its been so long since the last time I posted that I almost forgot how to start a post! Not really but I did have to use my brain a little more. lol

During this quiet, solitude time of sitting with my Nana ,I craved something fun, light and  creative.  So I set up a photo shoot to take my mind off of the heaviness of what's been going on.

First things first....the type of shoot I wanted.  Well, I had an idea of what I wanted and I just needed to collect the items to make it happen.  After going to the thrift store a couple of times....I finally hit jackpot the day before the shoot!  I wanted to have a big tulle skirt but with a little something fun....check.  I also wanted something a little more chic, edgy and fashion oriented....check.

I was so ecstatic with my finds and I didn't spend much on them.  I knew that I could just recycle them into other outfits or props for future shoots so I didn't mind paying a few more dollars for that formal dress. :)  

I told my adorable model how I wanted her to wear her hair and what kind of makeup I wanted her to apply.  She was so cute and agreeable and better yet...she knew what I meant. lol

The day of the shoot I went to her house and had her pull a bunch of dresses and shoes from her closet.  I took out my assortment of finds and I pulled together a look that fit the idea in my head.  One of the dresses was hers....and I picked it because of the amazing color, form and great shoulder feature.  I also chose some fun shoes she had for the second outfit and for the third we used a tank top I remember seeing her wear, along with some shoes that would add some punch and personality. 

Here are my favorites from this shoot.

Love that shoulder detail!

Don't you just love all that black tulle?!  I remember trying to explain what kind of shoes I wanted and then when I saw them in her closet I was like....Yup, those are them!!! LOL (sorry for the bad English.)

I love this pic because of the angle and how it captured the architecture in the background.

When I told her to get in the water I actually didn't like how the shots looked so we stopped.  When I opened up the pics after the shoot I realized how great they actually were.

Isn't that thrift store skirt just perfect?!  Total score!

Fabulous Cobolt blue platform pumps!

I loved layering all those pearls!  

This totally looks like a magazine add.

I think what's amazing with this model is she's like a a chameleon.  In some pictures she doesn't even look like the same person.  Perhaps it's the angle I shot her from but I totally love it!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about how this shoot came to be. :)  

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